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Expand your business with these features

Highest ROI

High scalability grow with unlimited multi-users.

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Lowest Cost

No backpack, no outside-in cameras and no highend equipment needed.

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Easiest To Use

Quick to install and simple to operate.

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World-first innovative VR  transfer solution

Laser tag is generally seen as one of the most diverse entertainment activities available. The harmless lasers combined with the competitive element of laser tag make it a fun entertainment activity for young, old and everybody in between. The advantages of laser tag are distinctive as an extreme large majority of the plays occur in groups, there are limited to no marginal costs, it requires just a few employees to operate and therefore the return on investment is high. 

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Unlimited Possibilities

The Origin VR is a flexible, powerful platform for location-based virtual reality. We enable unlimited multiuser experience within the tracking area without restriction on scale or shape. We deliver innovative lightweight location-based VR attractions all around the world. We can bring amazing VR to your guests too!

VR Arcade
VR Arcade
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Science Centers
Science Centers
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Laser Tag
Laser Tag
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Escape Room
Escape Room
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Training Programs
Training Programs
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Powered By Labyrinth

We have a system for you, get everything you need to get started with Labyrinth in this incredible value bundle, containing the VR headset, tracking system, and a copy of Labyrinth world, which includes 3 great games.


HMD Socket

With our custom all in one HMD or any mobile/PC VR headset


Simple Calibration

You can not only scale the tracking area up to 100 * 100m, but also create it in any custom shape you desire

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One PC Only

With 1 PC to run the network


Unlimited Multiuser

With unlimited users and objects tracked simultaneously


Customizable Area

To turn any empty floor space into an entire showroom built in a virtual space for your customers to explore freely


Lighting Conditions

In any lighting conditions


Discover our games

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Space Station Taurus

Tragedy has struck the Taurus! Work together to save the research specimens and get off the space station as soon as possible. Solve the puzzles and finish the task before it’s too late!

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~15 min


Challenge the RIFT

This PvP shooter is a challenge of dominance across the rift. Find cover in the astroids and take out your opponent’s team with well-placed shots and fast footwork

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10 min 


About Us

Since 2015, we have been developing VR/MR training projects and VR games. We stayed at the cutting edge of development working with the newest hardware and pushing the technology to its limits. We create the most impressive and innovative VR experiences gaining the attention and regard of major companies such as Huawei, BMW, Ogilvy, and projects with Chinese government. Our focus on building content and experiences that are intuitive and make immersion and engagement easy have put us on the forfront of . the VR industry.


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